Project Scope

Erasmus+ Program | School Education, Learning Mobility of Individuals, | 2020-1-TR01-KA101-091509

Project Name

Developing Integrity,Variety, Equality, Respect, Solidarity and Interculturalism for Teachers and Youngsters

From Asia to Europe from Africa to the Middle East

“Diversity Starts Here!”

“To Develop Quality Inclusive Education We Are Together with Our Differences "

Under the leadership of Ankara Directorate of National Education our 'Erasmus + Diversity Project, embracing the world with nearly 45 thousand students from 97 different countries and 1253 schools, 9 consortium members school with an average of 31.49% foreign students from 16 different nations, is a product of our effort to promote inclusive education for our students and their families from different continents.


‘Cooperation for Inclusive School Environments with the Aim of Providing Equal of Opportunity in Education’

9 Schools and Common Problems with Diverse Students from 16 Different Nationalities

• Low intercultural teaching and managing skills
• Limited cross-cultural networking and learning experience
• Need for new methods and tools for better follow-up and assessment
• Difficulty in proper grade placement for diverse learners
• Lack of skills in teaching Turkish as a Second Language and suitable language provision
• Lack of awareness of other languages and cultures within their schools
• Difficulty in adopting new culture and education system
• Limited opportunity for introducing diverse learners’ native languages and cultures
• Communication problems
• Violence and bullying
• Psychological and social problems
• Problems with social and emotional support


•    We aim to foster safe enabling environments and generate classroom-based strategies for effective integration of diverse children and better inclusive educational outputs by an EU project.


•    To provide support for teachers, educational professionals, students and parents to gain skills for inclusive and safe multicultural environment within our schools via learning mobility consortium in Europe

•    To promote diversity, equitable quality education, inclusive and intercultural education principles through sustainable cross-cultural corporation


•    The staff working with diverse learners in basic education, all students and the parents of the consortium member schools


•    12 Months
* The project will be implemented between 01.01.2021 - 01.01.2022.