Nazife Hatun, named after our school, lived in Ankara between 1892-1952. After Nazife Hatun's death in 1952, the land between Kavaklar and Önder remains with the heirs. Halise Baykal, daughter of Nazife Urgancı, decides to grant the remainder of her share inherited from her mother as a school location with Müştak Bey. They donated 3600 square meters of land that is worth 180,000 Liras provided that the name of the school would be Nazife Hatun. Thus, our school, consisting of a basement and a ground floor, was built in 1964-1965. In 1967, the first floor was opened to education and training with 14 classrooms. Later, depending on the need, some warehouses and halls were turned into classrooms and 18 classrooms were opened to education and training.GEM (Temporary Education Center) has operated in our school between 2015-2019. After the GEM was closed in 2019, the percentage of Syrian students in our school became %97. There are a total of 470 students in 2021-2022 education period in our school. 447 of them are Syrian, 3 of them are Somali, 2 of them are Iraqi and 19 of them are Turkish students.With the demolition of our school building in September 2018 we have temporarily moved to the old building of Battal Gazi Secondary School. The construction of the new building of our school has been completed and the moving process is still ongoing. In our school, we have a total of 21 branches, 17 of which are e-School and 4 of them are compliance classes.There are 24 classrooms, 2 kindergartens, Z library, mathematics class, multi-purpose hall, 2 assistant principal rooms, 2 guide teacher rooms and a sports room in our school building. Currently, 1 principal, 1 principal assistant, 18 classroom teachers, 1 English teacher, 6 PIKTES Turkish Teachers and 3 Volunteer Arabic teachers are working in our school.

As Nazife Hatun Primary School, we aim to raise creative and honest individuals who are aware of his/her talents, who follow Atatürk's principles and reforms, defend the republical and national values, who can reach information in an atmosphere of love, respect and trust.