Our school was opened for education in 1969. The school building was established on two floors and included five classrooms, in Battalgazi District of Altındağ sub-province. This was a place where stones were extracted to be used for the construction of shacks by people who migrated to Ankara from different regions of Anatolia. Thus the school was named TAŞCA (Stony). The school land was donated by Mehmet KARAMIZRAK and the construction was carried out by the Special Provincial Administration. Our school has a construction area of 308 square meters on a land of approximately 3000 square meters.

In 1996, it was named Taşça Primary School, and new classrooms and warehouses were built in the garden depending on the increasing number of students.Our school, which was once again a Taşça Primary School with the law enacted in 2012, continues its normal education with 8 classrooms.It started dual education in December of the 2015-2016 academic year. At the same time, it has become a Temporary Education Center for  Syrian secondary school and high school students (male only) who are under Temporary Protection in our country.

For the adaptation to school environment for both the Temporary Education Center students and the foreign students enrolled to e-school which their number is increasing with each passing year;  the school administration, teachers and all employees did their best. All the means available were used for them to live in a healthy environment.Education continued with classes of 40-45 students in our school, where the number of students is constantly increasing.

At the end of 2017, Temporary Education Centers were closed, students were directed to appropriate schools, by arranging equivalence documents.In April 2020, our school moved to its new modern building in the same neighborhood. The 7 story building has 32 classrooms, laboratory, library, canteen and prayer room inside and education continues in a healthier environment.In our school, which still continues education with 630 students, 317 of which are foreign nationals; 1 Principal, 1 Vice-Principal, 22 Teachers, 3 Counselor Teachers, 3 Turkish Tutors, 3 Volunteer Syrian Trainers, 2 Security Officers, 6 Cleaning Staff are on duty.