Our school was established in 2009 in Gültepe Mah., formerly known as Çinçin in Ankara Altındağ. It is a primary school with 365 students between the ages of 6-11, 23 teachers and 2 administrators. It is in the mandatory service zone for the teachers. The neighborhood where our school is located was included in an urban transformation project by TOKİ in 2008 with the aim of eliminating the negative perception that has persisted for a long time. In addition to the right holders, the civil servants working in various public institutions settled down under favorable conditions in order to make the region an attractive place. Moreover, immigrants from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan started to live in this area in 2017, which increased the cosmopolitan structure of both the neighborhood and thus our school. In our district, it is the only school that has various workshops (6 Design Skill Workshops, 5 of them are made by our Ministry and 1 by our own means). Moreover, there is a Z-Library in our school. Our education staff consists of teachers who use different techniques in their classrooms and constantly improve themselves.

Our mission is to educate our students as modern individuals who have adopted Ataturk's principles and reforms, respect our national values, know their surroundings, have developed social responsibilities for their environments where personal characteristics are important, are offered opportunities for self-realization and use technology at the highest level in classrooms. Our vision is to be like a sun arising from Altındağ in Turkey. At the same time, our strategic goals are to enable all individuals to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors in national and international criteria, and to raise healthy and happy individuals who have advanced language skills and who are entrepreneurial, innovative, creative, open to communication and learning, self-confident and responsible.

Our school has always been an exemplary school in Altındağ thanks to various projects, studies and plans. Between 2012 and 2014, as the Coordinator School, we successfully carried out the Comenius Project named “Let’s Help Students Via Traditional Games” with participating schools from Spain and Poland. In this project, we introduced Mangala Game, a Historical Turkish Mind and Strategy Game, which has recently become widespread. 14 students and 8 teachers had the opportunity to get to know about partner countries and their education systems. Thanks to the eTwinning project carried out in 2014, our school became the first school to receive the National Quality Label in Altındağ. Furthermore, 3 different eTwinnning projects carried out in 2018-2019 Academic Year enabled our school to win the National Quality Label again and the European Quality Label for the first time. Finally since 2020, our school has become an eTwinning school. In our school, 6 teachers are currently running different eTwinning projects.