Ankara Directorate of National Education (ADNE) is a local authority which is responsible for the planning, coordination and management of all kinds of educational and training activities from pre-primary schools to high schools including all kinds of vocational, technical, and Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools from K12 to adult education in 25 districts of Ankara.

The organization has a range of duties mainly in 7 fields; entitled Management, Human Resources, Lifelong Learning, Finance, Research and Development, Planning and Statistics and Data Management, Measuring and Evaluation. All of the tasks of these departments are carried out by 24 affiliated units.

We are the administrative body with the management of all schools and educational institutions at different levels. The number of schools in Ankara is 4.434 and 77.170 teachers are on duty to deal with 1.090.845 students. In addition, 295.458 citizens aged 18-65 are beneficiary of formal education. They attend vocational training centers and adult education centers. Besides, we are in charge of Special Education Needs Schools and Institutions and Private Education Institutions. There are more than 150 SEN Schools which are for autism, physically disabled, visually and/or hearing impaired and for students with learning disabilities in Ankara.

ADNE is also responsible of the education of refugees and migrant background students in Ankara, too. There are 4 Temporary Training Centers (TTCs) especially active for Syrian and refugee students in the province of Altındağ where Syrian families live intensively. The number of the students is changing daily but currently there are 900.000 students enrolled into the system in Turkey. ADNE has opened literacy, Turkish Language and vocational courses for adult immigrants and refugees (Syrians, Iraqi and Afghans) at Public Education Centers, as well.

With a collaboration of functional, multi-sectored and layered partnerships both at national and international levels such as MoNE, districts DNEs, UN and EC, ADNE arranges and/or take place in- wide range of scientific programs and activities  to promote sustainable teaching, management and learning skills in many different key areas for fruitful educational outputs. Besides, these national and international efforts ADNE has  successfully completed more than 20 Erasmus+ projects on Inclusive and Intercultural Education, Democratic Culture, Education for SEN, Refugees, STEM, STEAM, ICT, Interactive Teaching Methods in different subjects, Multilingualism, Gamification, Bullying, Environment and Climate Change in the areas of school education, vocational education, adult education and youth. ADNE is currently the coordinator and/or the partner of the following related EU projects between 2017-2021:

•    DIVERSITY (Developing Integrity, Variety, Equality, Respect, Solidarity and Interculturalism for Teachers and Youngsters)
•    ICT "Developing ICT Competences for Innovation and Inclusion of Students"
•    We are not Alone (WENA)
•    Multilingual Families Club (MF CLUB)


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