Our school has started the education in 1988 and now it has got approximately 400 students and 20 of those are pre-school students.

Our school building consists of four floors and the basement.The building has one entrance door and a single roof.We have got 19 regular and 4 temporary teachers , 2 administrators and 3 employees in the school.
There are 30 foreign students from 9 different countries.The school administration has established a compliance class for our foreign students in the school.Our teachers often make family visits to the houses of foreign students.

In addition to our library, we have classes for art, music and chess and also a club for creative drama.The foreign students usually consist of the children of the foreign embassy staff in Ankara who are quite prosperous.
We have 3 refugee students and all the teachers and students try to help them to enrich their conditions.Our vision is to be a successful, a good model and a leader institution in our area of profession.And our mission is to grow up citizens who are in peace with his family, contemporary, social, respectful for democratic rights, and admit and apply Atatürk’s principles and revolutions .