Our school is in Haymana Town of Ankara Province. As a school , we have 111 boys and 116 girls students. We have 8 classrooms , nursery school and foreign harmony class, library, archive, canteen, three official rooms, guidance service and shelter. Our school has 10 teachers, 1 Manager and  1 school vice principal.

Our school is a “ Basic Education School ” .Education has been doing between 5-13 years students. Our school’s vision :These are saving national and spiritual values, loving the people and nature, willing to learn ,  developing oneself and society , thinking , researching, questioning and to be an educational institution who uses true to fine for science and happy free people. Our mission : As Çaldağ Primary School ; Atatürk said “ There isn’t even one person to sacrifice in education.” According to this; contemporary education and training programs should be considered to all the students. Furthermore, it is to provide an educational service that will respond to social and cultural needs.  We have basic values like human rights, universal values of democracy, sensitivity, to the environment and to the life of the living beings, analytical and scientific point of view, entrepreneurship , creativity, innovation, artistic sensibility and art skill, Professional ethics and morality, impartiality,  reliability and justice, participation , prestige, transparency and also accountability.

Our school has been joined to local competitions , activities , sportive and cultural activities. And competitions. We have some projects. These are Erasmus+ and Etwinning Projects .