Our school was founded in 1973. The building started for education as “Balkiraz High School” in 1965. It was named as “Başkent High School” in 1972. After that Başkent High School moved to its own building.
Our school was named as “29 Ekim Secondary School” in the 50th year of our Republic on 29th October 1973. Till 1994 – 1995 academic year, our school was a secondary school but since then it has continued for education with the name of “29 Ekim Elementary Education School”.

In 2011 – 2012 it became 29 Ekim Elementary School.

In 2013- 2014 Academic Year; because of starting the 4 + 4 + 4 education system, some students registered to our school from the nearby schools. In 2016 our school building was started to be rebuilt and still goes on.  Nowadays the education continues in the Şehitlik Elementary School building. In our school, there is a school principal , 3 school vice principals, 60 teachers , 1 officer and 3 cleaning staff. In 2020 – 2021 academic year there are 982 students and 237 of them are foreign students. Our foreign students are the citizens of Syria (1) , Kyrgyzstan (3) and Iraq (237). Foreign students started education in 2015 -2016 academic year and  in 2021 and they consist of about one fourth of our total students.