Our school is located within the borders of Ankara province, Mamak district, Bostancık district. It was founded as Bostancık Primary School, but due to the outstanding achievements of the poet Coşkun Ertepınar, the name of our school was changed to "Coşkun Ertepınar Primary School". Our school was opened in 1996-1997 academic year. 30 students were enrolled in 1st grade and 15 students in 6th grade. Our school had its first graduates in the 1998-1999 academic year, and 27 students graduated in this period. As of 2013, Coşkun Ertepınar Secondary School continues education as a secondary school. There are currently a total of 332 foreign students, including 50 teachers, 1075 students, foreign students from 6 different nationalities. These students are from Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Russia and Uzbekistan. Our total number of managers is 4, as 1 manager and 3 assistant directors. Our mission, in line with the basic objectives of Turkish National Education, is scientifically thinking, self-confident, respectful of human rights, aware of social and universal problems, producing solutions to these problems, peacefully, enlightened, far-sighted, producing qualified solutions to the problems, scientific and technological developments and close global problems. To raise generations who follow up, communicate effectively and can empathize. Our vision is to raise healthy, happy and successful individuals who are ready for life.

Regular applications have been made to the 2204-B Secondary School Students Research Projects Competition since 2010, enabling our students to use their scientific process skills. Under the leadership of Ankara Development Agency, our students represented our school among 44 projects with two different projects within the scope of the "Project Market'' design and innovation program carried out in the 2013-2014 Education Period in cooperation with Ankara Provincial MEM, ATO and TÜBİTAK. In the "Playing with My Dreams, Puppet and Toy Design'' contest, our 7th grade student was among the top 50 projects with the "I Know Istanbul with My Truck" toy and his project was exhibited. Participation in STEM events organized around the world, such as Code Week 2019, Spaceweek 2019, Codehour 2019, and the International Year of Periodic Table 2019, were attended. 2019 Fuat Sezgin Year events were organized. With our eTwinning project 'Leaders of Life 2 (Scientist)' for the 2019-2020 academic year, our students are encouraged to use web 2.0 tools where they can acquire digital competencies, one of the most basic skills of the 21st century, while bringing together a scientist every month. In this project, in which 50 schools, 50 teachers and 683 students took part in our project, dozens of scientists, including 5 joint scientists, were introduced with 16 different web 2.0 tools used in total. In addition, our project has been awarded the quality label. Our school is also one of the partners of the Erasmus + KA101 Project, which brings students from 16 different nationalities together with the DIVERSITY Project with the Ankara Provincial Directorate of National Education numbered 2020-1-TR01-KA101-091509 and 9 consortium members. As the e-Twinning pillar of this project, it has also been approved as a founding partner in the Diversity project and its execution has started as of 01.03.2021.